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“sea of paper goodness”


why I just absolutely love that most lovely description by Molly from My Favorite Things about Daisy P! Merci.

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Absolutely Perfect Girlfriend Gifts!



Forget Me Not. For the thoughtful scribe that does just that; forgets not. Available in rose, blush or jade pouch; 15 notes, one for every occasion; $34

Art Paper. D.Y.I. is a “do.” Create your own masterpiece for the one that tops your list. 12″ x 18″ sheets; 15 sheets per collection; $14

Calendars. Group gift fatique? Not anymore! THese graphic calendards are perfect for the girls at work, the gym or the club. Beautybird and Always in Season. $14 each

Fab Notepads. For the trendseter-on-the-go. May she never be without a chic notepad for her to-do list.
$4 per pad

Fab Notes. And to all a good note. 10 notes and envelopes. $16

O! to be a girl Notes. Because you can never have to much stationery . . . 😉 16 notes and envelopes per box. $16

Garden Trellis. For the green thumb to send her sentiments in style! 10 blank notecards with coordinating lined envelopes per box. $18



O! to be a girl notes from keeps folks buzzin’.
What a great gift, anytime! Box of 16 notecards and envelopes/$24

D~LuxeList: Daisy Princess Paperie Femme Notes Stylehive BM 367556 #:367556 picks beautybird!




NY Magazine’s online holiday gift guide, Shop-A-Matic featured Daisy Princess Paperie’s Neiman Marcus exclusive, personalized beautybird 2009 desktop calendar in it’s $30 gift’s for the holidays section! Perfect for teacher’s, girlfriends, family and stocking stuffers, this darling is a winner this season!

Letters For Keeps . . .


This is one of the collections that we designed that I am the most proud of, I must say . . .

A love shared through letters was the inspiration for the collection. Losing that love to Alzheimer’s is the motivation for giving back. Letter for Keeps, the debut line from Forgetmenot Ink, designed by Daisy Princess Paperie, encourages and reminds you to reach out to those you care about. Send your love through the written word.

Fifteen printed notes, one for every occasion. Includes 15 cards, one for each month, a birthday, a thank you, and just because. Comes in three leather pouch colors; rose, blush and teal. Shop Daisy P for these, they make a lovely stocking stuffer!


Your FAB!


Fabnotes + notepads

You’re fab, and it’s only fitting your paper should be.  Our pocket-friendly notes and notepads, printed in complementing bold patterns and bright colors are perfect for mixing-and-matching.  Here’s a thought: pick several, you’ll use them! To shop these and other FAB items visit

Like Pen and Paper . . .


He brings East Coast practicality, while her West Coast spontaneity is obvious (Their rap preferences follow the same order). Luckily they work together, where they both shine. The intrigue behind Daisy Princess Paperie’s collection springs from two minds abundant with unique character and the utter happiness their work gives them. When asked, “Who would you be if you could be anyone else, past or present? Without hesitation, he’d be Johnny Cash, while she’s freaked out simply thinking about the idea of being someone else. On her coffee table: The Other Boleyn Girl, It’s Okay To Be Different, and her husband’s historical factoid book; on his: a Clive Cussler favorite and The Old Lady What Swallowed a Fly. Daisy Princess Paperie owners and minds behind the line, Sara Hathcoat and Alex Gandall agree: He’s the cork; she’s the motorboat.