Taking the long way around.


I might have arrived late to the party, but I’m [mildly] obsessed with the Dixie Chicks song, “The Long Way Around.” 

“Maybe someday I’m gonna settle down, but I always find my way somehow.” 


I think about this song a lot.  Of taking the long way; the road less traveled, and surely the least popular.  Doesn’t it usually pay off in the end?  I’m a believer in the journey, not always the destination.  

So, here’s to taking the long way and handwritten notes, staying up until sunrise, walking not running, brewing tea, stirring not shaking, European lunches, hard apologies, long goodbyes, fat tears, personal style, being oblivious to stares, reading a book cover-to-cover, standing up for a cause, stepping down, stepping out, and what convention?

Sinatra did it “His way” for the generations before.  The Dixie Chicks remind our generation to “never follow”, i.e. do it our way.  Inspired by their suggestion and their experience, I give you “The way I see it”playlist.  Play it LONG, play it LOUD. 

The Long Way Around – Dixie Chicks
Wake Up – The Arcade Fire  (Our generation’s anthem)
Polar Nettles – Neko Case
Hungry Heart – Sexton Blake
Lalita – The Love Language
Let Love Rule – Lenny Kravitz
Only a Song – Ben Solle
La Vie Boheme – Cast of Rent 
Golden Years – David Bowie
City of Blinding Lights – U2
So Sorry – Feist
Time of the Season – The Zombies
Rise up with fists – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Province (acoustic live) – TV on the Radio  (Crank this one.)

All songs available on iTunes.



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