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Write your mutha, don’t you know she worries?


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or in this case, momfinds says:

What’s sleep-away camp without a daily mail call?  Your daughter will be expecting letters from you but maybe with the Tiara ($24 for 16 notes and envelopes) stationery from Daisy Princess Paperie, she’ll actually send letters home to you as well.


take note . . . Daisy P’s fabnotes+notepads green props!


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Southeast Green says . . .

Take note of, and on, Daisy Princess Paperie’s Fabnotes + Notepads


photo by elle moss photography
Sunday, 17 May 2009 05:17
You’re fab and everyone knows it, so it’s only fitting for your paper to show it. >Daisy Princess
Paperie’s Fabnotes + Notepads
are printed in complementing bold patterns and bright colors – perfect for mixing and matching –
perfect for showcasing your style.
But looks aren’t everything and Daisy P knows it. These pocket-friendly items look good, but
more importantly they are good, as in good for the planet. Both the notes and notepads are
printed on recycled paper with soy inks by a windpowered printer. Style with substance! Good
looking, green and totally useful for keeping that running to-do list within reach or dashing off a
quick note to a friend. Offered in eight styles, we recommend picking several – you’re sure to
use them!
Daisy P’s Fabnotes + Notepads can be purchased online, along with the rest of their
exceptional collection at and in select stores nationwide May

“sea of paper goodness”


why I just absolutely love that most lovely description by Molly from My Favorite Things about Daisy P! Merci.

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outdoor lighting state of mind . . .



some solar powered, some battery operated — makes no never to me . . . I heart them all. Check out Allsop Home & Garden and sabz for more details on the finds above.

Woody Guthrie + Diane Arbus



We adopted a new dog this week and named him Woody Gurthrie . . . and it got me thinking of some portraits of folks and their pets. These photos are by Diane Arubs (1923-1971).


busted heart . . .


Music Playlist at

summer lovin’ . . .



swimsuit from, pretty pink peonies, fete tote from, from Michelangelo to Annibale Carraci, a Century of Italian Drawings from the Prado now on exhibit at Philbrook Museum of Art, necklace fron, t-shirt from

Taking the long way around.


I might have arrived late to the party, but I’m [mildly] obsessed with the Dixie Chicks song, “The Long Way Around.” 

“Maybe someday I’m gonna settle down, but I always find my way somehow.” 


I think about this song a lot.  Of taking the long way; the road less traveled, and surely the least popular.  Doesn’t it usually pay off in the end?  I’m a believer in the journey, not always the destination.  

So, here’s to taking the long way and handwritten notes, staying up until sunrise, walking not running, brewing tea, stirring not shaking, European lunches, hard apologies, long goodbyes, fat tears, personal style, being oblivious to stares, reading a book cover-to-cover, standing up for a cause, stepping down, stepping out, and what convention?

Sinatra did it “His way” for the generations before.  The Dixie Chicks remind our generation to “never follow”, i.e. do it our way.  Inspired by their suggestion and their experience, I give you “The way I see it”playlist.  Play it LONG, play it LOUD. 

The Long Way Around – Dixie Chicks
Wake Up – The Arcade Fire  (Our generation’s anthem)
Polar Nettles – Neko Case
Hungry Heart – Sexton Blake
Lalita – The Love Language
Let Love Rule – Lenny Kravitz
Only a Song – Ben Solle
La Vie Boheme – Cast of Rent 
Golden Years – David Bowie
City of Blinding Lights – U2
So Sorry – Feist
Time of the Season – The Zombies
Rise up with fists – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Province (acoustic live) – TV on the Radio  (Crank this one.)

All songs available on iTunes.


Paper Crave Rave . . .


thanks for the super review Paper Crave! To read visit We especially like that they noticed what a variety of paper goods we have! HOooraay

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Paper beats rock and scissors with Daisy P.’s pretty paper for kids.


UnknownStationery is not just for the young-at-heart.  Those in their wee years know the value of pretty paper too thanks to your good taste and coaching.  Daisy P knows this and (thankfully) has created an entire line of cool, kid-friendly designs. Available at

For the young party animal there are imprintables of all ilk – seascapes, diamonds, lattice and spunky zoo animals, folding cards of flowers and cars – that transform dates and times into magical numbers.

Birth announcements belong on whimsical die-cut cards of elephants or the classic – with a fun twist – photo cards.  Either way, your news always looks good.

Shop Daisy P’s darling imprintable kid invites online at and
Playdates are made, and kept, by sharing crafty calling cards bearing your name and number.  The bright cards also double as enclosure cards for the petit traditionalist. Available at

And for the Thank you notes?  Well, just about any of their designs will do.  Good manners begins at an early age! Available at

Daisy Princess Paperie can be purchased online at