And ode – actually a love list – to summer


Summer’s comin.’ And with it sweet tea (even if it’s in your vodka), sunscreen (the natural kind that hopefully still has a beachy smell), walking over driving, swimsuits, color (in the South it never left), heat, heat and more heat, summer hours (everyone has them), mental photographs, pen pals, pedicures that are seen, blockbuster films you may/may not catch, thunderstorms, scratching “learning to grill” off your to-do list, a new playlist dedicated to the season, gladiator sandals, umbrellas for shine not rain, poppycock on the beach, drinking from straws, convertibles (if you’re lucky), welcome shade, scooter rides just because, a rainbow of racerback tanks, boys in flops, an ever-present smile.

Listening to: Runaway by The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs;  Born into a light by Ryan Adams; I feel it all (Diplo Remix) by Feist; Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest.


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