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66 Drives . . .



I am not sure that I have seen anything that made me as happy as this series by Andrew Bush, 66 Drives. I am just showing 6 of the 66 – I think I must have the book . It is so great to look at them in his order – nice ride . . . . Here are the editorial reviews from – 


Editorial Reviews

Product Description

Many of us know that automobiles are expressions of our individuality and personality. We may not realize, however, that the car can also provide the most space over which we have complete control in our daily lives. Being in the car is private and public at the same time, akin to lounging in one’s living room while simultaneously appearing on stage.Andrew Bush (b. 1956) examines this tension between private and public in his remarkable series of photographs of individuals driving cars in and around Los Angeles. By attaching a camera to the passenger side window, Bush made these pictures while driving alongside his subjects – often traveling at 60 mph. Taking notes on the speed and direction he was going, Bush created extended captions for the images and called the series Vector Portraits. Published here for the first time, this portfolio is accompanied by an essay by culture critic Patt Morrison and an interview between the photographer and Jeff L. Rosenheim that discusses the Vector Portraits in the context of Bush’s photography as a whole.


About the Author

Andrew Bush lives in Los Angeles. Patt Morrison is a writer for the L.A. Times. Jeff L. Rosenheim is curator of photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Antler Magazine . . .


Crush! For Days! On my prowl for inspiration, I’ve discovered – it has features on all sorts of inspiring designers and artists PLUS it is BEAUTIFUL! I never really thought I would dig the online magazine – but I am pretty sure this lovely has it’s place- you?


Salone 09




My brother has been in Milan for the past week at Salone, the world’s biggest furniture fair, is the hub of the industry and a showcase for new ideas (I could use a few). Check out his company’s blog,, documenting his trip and experiences and see is co-worker, Jay Exon’s fabulous tale of Mr. Spindles. It is wonderful.

Caaaaaaaaaaall moi!


A weekend away is good for the soul.  Might be a little bad for business (hello, Monday’s are slow anyway), but the soul calling-cardsreleasetrumps the biz every time in my book.

Suffice it to say, I made some friends on my sojourn to the sea, also known as the Beaufort Wine + Food Festival.  Depending on how I met these lovely wine-loving foodies, I left them with either my business card (did I meet you from 8 – 6 in a professional capacity?) or my French-inspired “Birdie” calling card(did I meet you at anytime in a social capacity?).  By the end of the weekend, I had requests for calling cards from women and men alike!  Looks like there’s a definite return to that old-school etiquette of not mixing business with pleasure.  Besides, I think it’s so much more fun to let your personality shine through – i.e. trading the black on white business card for one of Daisy P’s lovelies.  Don’t you?

Call moi!

Weekend tunes . . .


Music Playlist at

Take a Hike . . .


42-550Kids out of school today so we took a toodle on the Ann U. White trail in North Boulder. Crossed the most beautiful stream of water 24 times each way! Everybody so happy and calm after the two hour trek.

Earth Day . . . Everyday!


momsdayabDaisy P is green, and we don’t mean with envy. We offer a variety of eco-friendly styles. That’s right from the paper to the printing, we’re helping to reduce our carbon footprint. And now you can too; without sacrificing [writing] style, of course. Shop today for these and more eco-friendly stationery and gifts!

Think a family of five could live


on a houseboat in Amsterdam too? Found Pia Jane Bijkerk’s BEAUTIFUL blog today — Come, adore her digs with me! Love her tagline BTW, enhance the everyday.


Monday Journal



Considering running the bolder boulder 10 K race because I LOVE this t-shirt so much – ahhhhhh the power of marketing. Bought some new running shoes after I tripped and fell on a run today, OUCH. Hadn’t heard of this brand as I am just getting back into this running. More support for the over pronation of my right foot. Put me on a treadmill at Boulder Running Co. today to figure the correct shoe and VOILA – the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8. Like this recent drawing of a “Wishing Blossom” as my girls call it – completely cracks me up as it is a weed. Wrote a note on the Garden design stationery from our Garden Trellis series at Daisy Princess Paperie. AND . . . working on new stationery sets for Spring – Faux Bois Florals . . . all in all a VERY busy, VERY productive Monday on all fronts.

Best Spring Accesory . . . designed by Tijusai


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