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Change of A Dress (address)



We used our very own Dress design from our O! To Be A Girl Collection for our change of address mailer and eblast. Stylish, happy and informative, what else could you possibly need? Same fab website, but take note of our new address

P.O Box 52336 | Tulsa, Oklahoma | 74152 | toll free phone + fax numbers | p: 877.5883565 + f: 877.806.7749 | email:

Drop us a line!


We’re HUGE in Sweden



Remember in the movie Singles when Matt Dillon claims his band is “Huge in Belgium” . . . well I guess finding our product reviewed on Laninja Blog (they are in Sweden, sounds like Belgium) recently just made me think of that line in the movie . . . I have also been listening to Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg on a mix on my ipod (this song is also in the movie, Singles). Not sure. But thanks to them for the lovely post on our O! To Be A Girl Stationery set. We love it so.

Coco – Both Classic and Casual



Her philosophy still rings true for design and style today. Free-flowing, smart and refreshing — inspiring.

hat, pearls and jacket from, photo of Coco Chanel and a couple of her designs (lower right).

New From Daisy Princess Paperie



Because a plain ‘ole shopper just won’t do. Daisy P has taken their inspired paper designs to eco-friendly cloth and created a lovely tote. Perfect for the market, perfect for the beach.  Perfect. Available at

SR Hughes Site – mmmmmm


SR Hughes’s re-designed website,, is pure eye candy. The showroom is delectible the interior design delicious . . . mmmmmmmmmm



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and Happy Birthday to my oldest) — we love this day, for many reasons. Art from Always in Season Calendar from Daisy Princess Paperie.


Can’t Forget, Forgetmenot Ink!


picture-2Thanks to  My Favorite Things for the feature on one of our absolute fave collaborations for a cause, letters for keeps, the collection of cards we designed and illustrates, available at

boho magazine features daisy p . . .



We love the bit on boho featuring our line and it’s greeness! I’m a boho girl and  I may even enter the create a glog contest to win the chance to design a boho magazine cover, how cool – wonder if I am too old for that? hummmm . . . I wonder as I wander . . . .

gallery . . .



I love this painting from Jeff Robinson’s latest series, libris

Crossing to Safety, 48″ x 80″, Oil on Canvas

Loyal Loot Collective



Functional art collective that has been in existence since 20o4. So glad that I just found loyal loot collective. Individual and collaborative work of Doha Chebib, Camen Douville, Dara Huminski and Anna Thomas. Shown above Log Bowls and Monsieur Dressup.