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The Ledoux sisters . . .


make beeeeeeeauuuuutiful jewelry . . check out honeydoux online to see all of the lovelies . . . .


Shop Neiman’s For Our Calendars . . .


Daisy Princess Paperie goes to Neiman Marcus!  We’ve partnered with the shopping Mecca to offer our new Beauty Bird Calendar and the personalized Always in Season calendar, which is exclusive to Neiman Marcus.  Ready to start your holiday shopping? We know just the place.

Art Papers — create, wrap, scrap . . .


Who knew paper did so much, and looked gorgeous while doing it? Our boldy-patterned Art Paper encourages you to create, wrap and scrap. Whichever your inspired to do, be sure to reuse! 12″ x 18″ sheets suggested retail for $1.50 a sheet. Visit to find stores that carry our products.

The Perfect Gift . . .


The holidays are coming, and its time to make your list and check it twice. Speaking of that list, you can cross off just about everyone on it with our oh-so-adorable desk calendars, Always in Season and Beautybird. Friends, teachers, fellow yogis, in-laws — everybody needs a chic addition to their desktop. They can pass 2009 in style with either whimsical calendar. Check our website, so you can find these darlings.

Like Pen and Paper . . .


He brings East Coast practicality, while her West Coast spontaneity is obvious (Their rap preferences follow the same order). Luckily they work together, where they both shine. The intrigue behind Daisy Princess Paperie’s collection springs from two minds abundant with unique character and the utter happiness their work gives them. When asked, “Who would you be if you could be anyone else, past or present? Without hesitation, he’d be Johnny Cash, while she’s freaked out simply thinking about the idea of being someone else. On her coffee table: The Other Boleyn Girl, It’s Okay To Be Different, and her husband’s historical factoid book; on his: a Clive Cussler favorite and The Old Lady What Swallowed a Fly. Daisy Princess Paperie owners and minds behind the line, Sara Hathcoat and Alex Gandall agree: He’s the cork; she’s the motorboat.